Cinema has always been one of Joan Giacinti's passions, so the decision to include the production of films in the portfolio of activities of our SOFRATESA group was a foregone conclusion. We also have our own facilities digital productions (filming, processing and editing).

2010: Trópico de Sangre

It tells the story of how the Mirabal sisters were the greatest threat to dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo and his regime. The Mirabal sisters were involved in an underground movement against the government. They were assassinated in 1960 by men under the instruction of Trujillista Regime. (1st production).

2013: Cristo Rey

Released in 2013, Cristo Rey takes place in a slum of Santo Domingo, where Dominican and Haitians struggle in the midst of a complex social and political context. Rudy and Janvier, two brothers, are in a lasting confrontation for the love of the same girl, Jocelyn. Janvier is forced to join a drug gang in Cristo Rey. His job is to watch over Jocelyn, the younger sister of "El Baca", gang kingpin district. Rudy, the Dominican, is Jocelyn's ex-boyfriend. He cannot bear to see his half brother Janvier spending time with her, he wants her back no matter what...

Selected for the Oscar 2015 (Best Foreign Language Film Category).

2014: La Extraña

Jean Louis, the owner of a publishing company in Santo Domingo, is traumatized after an accident with his ex-wife. Overwhelmed by his work and the weak health of his ex-wife, Jean Louis decides to escape to Casa de Campo, where his family owns a luxury property. There he meets a beautiful woman named Rosa. Kicking off a disturbing relationship combining seduction and mystery, Jean Louis does not know if he is living a nightmare or a dream. La Extraña is a co-production of our affiliate Karibe Entertainment.

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 1994: La Jeune Fille et la Mort (The girl and the death)

(Movie 1h45)
Original title: Death and the Maiden

Co-production French-American-British.
Drama in 1994 by Roman Polanski staring Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley and Stuart Wilson.

Synopsis: Several years ago, Paulina Escobar was a victim of the military dictatorship in her country. One day, she thinks, that the voice of his tormentor is the one of a man who accompanies her wounded husband.

1996: Le Jour du Chien

(Movie 1h46)
Original title. "Vite Strozzate" 

Dra Franco-Italo-Belgoa in 1996 by Ricky Tognazzi, Vincent Lindon and Sabrina Ferilli.

Synopsis: In Italy, attrition activities represent a billions lire business. 800,000 people work in this business, 65% of traders are suffering from this practice. "Le jour du chien" tells the story of a loan shark, Sergio, who works flawlessly, until the day when he meets a former friend, a businessman in difficulty. Speculation of his stepfather caused the bankruptcy of his company. Sergio decides to help him in his own way.

2005: Le Juge

(TV Series - 2 x 90 min.)

AVD Communications Co and PM Films.

French police series in 2005 by Vincenzo Marano, based on a scenario of Thierry Aguila and Philippe Setbon. Staring Francis Huster, Vincent Perez, Natacha Amal and Robert Hossein.

Synopsis: In Marseille, the judge of judicial investigation is about to complete the most important investigation of his career: to hand Roger Marino, a powerful godfather over to justice. Threatened with death, the judge is placed under the protection of an elite policeman, Marc Steiner. But the godfather Roger Marino kidnaps the judge’s son and demands the drop of the investigation. A true high-speed chase is developed to recover the child.

 La Taupe 2007        La Taupe 2 (The Mole)

(TV Series - 2x52)

Police Miniseries created in 2007, based on a screenplay by Sergio Gobbi and Laurent Scalese, directed by Vincenzo Marano, staring Ingrid Chauvin, Linda Hardy and Daphné Hacquart.

Synopsis: Antoine Soulster, head of the inter-regional customs office in Bordeaux and his team of inspectors have made a major seizure of heroin. But this "merchandise" has been stolen and two customs were killed. Only an infiltrator has been able to report traffickers the place and access codes to the warehouse where the drug was. Commander Sandra Longo, a member of the Internal General Inspection, arrives from Paris to discover the traitor.

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