Guayaquil – February 15th, 2019: The transportation system called Aerovía Guayaquil is a system of urban transportation by cable constituted by 4 passengers stations and 4.1 kilometers of length. It will have a daily capacity of 40.000 passengers and will connect the city of Duran with Guayaquil, straddling the 2 kilometers wide Guayas river. The project is carried out by SOFRATESA and POMA which ensure its construction and will operate it for 30 years.

Santo Domingo – December 14th, 2018: On december 7th, Sofratesa won the awarding for the OPRET-CCC-LPN-2018-0012 process in order to ensure the maintenance of all the Integral Maintenance Workshop of the Santo Domingo subway. One more time Sofratesa strengthen its position as leader in this sector and in the region.


Santo Domingo – November 20th, 2018: Several representatives of the Sofratesa Group in Dominican Republic joined the members of the French Dominican Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the “Beaujolais Nouveau 2018” in the lounge of the Real Intercontinental Hotel of Santo Domingo. For them it has been an excellent opportunity to join other members of this Chamber which chairman is Mr Joan Giacinti.

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Santo Domingo – December 13th, 2018

As supplier for preventive maintenance services of all the trains fleet of the Santo Domingo Subway, Sofratesa will be in charge of the maintenance of 6 aditional trains recently arrived to integrate the rolling park of the Dominican capital subway.


Sofratesa enable a new double track lorry in order to facilitate the acceleration of the railway systems of Panama railway line 2 for the JMJ.