The overall objectives of our global outsourcing services department are:

Make available management solutions...
...for all tasks related to the main activity of your business, enabling companies and their workers to concentrate on their business and improve their efficiency and productivity.

Provide adapted and personalized answers...
...that take in mind the characteristics, specificities and needs of your company, both basic related tasks and  operational needs support.

Related tasks:

 - Office Cleaning

 - Maintenance of Office

 - Concierge service and post

 - Food service (fixed catering, punctual, etc. ..)

 Operative support:

 - Outsourcing Staff

 - Support Secretariat (fixed, spot by increased activity)

 - Logistical support in all areas

 - Support for business creation phases, opening of industrial facilities

 - Cleaning and industrial maintenance

 - Management of work uniforms (clothing, cleaning, distribution, arrangement)

 - Advice on Occupational Safety, Health, Safety, etc. ..

Based on your needs and budget we build our proposal, having as main objective not only to allow you to concentrate on your business, but also seeking to improve its profitability.

All our services are conducted under international standards of Health Safety and Environmental Quality.