The Santo Domingo subway comprises 16 stations on its first line and runs a total of 14.5km, the system integrates 19 trains and carries around 100,000 passengers per day. The L1 of the subway contributed to the decongestion of traffic in the north-south corridor of the city, thus improving travel times to the city center.

SOFRATESA has been part of realization of Santo Domingo comprehensive rail system, together with 5 large leading companies in the sector (Alstom, Thales, CIM, TSO and Siemens); in development of the project, construction of the first subway in Dominican Republic was carried out and whose inauguration took place in 2009.

Line 2 of the subway is part of the Master Network of the Integrated Mass Speed Transportation System of Santo Domingo, this line covers the west to east side of the city and is completely buried underground, comprises 14 stations and covers a total of 34km.

In 2011 we were selected to ensure the installation of the integral railway system, the commissioning and maintenance of Line 2 of the subway, the first section of which was inaugurated in 2013. Subsequently, we carried out the expansion of Line 2 B.

Today we continue to provide warranty and maintenance service for trains and workshops on lines 1, 2 and 2B. Within the scope of our services, we cover a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from the comprehensive maintenance of the equipment and cleaning of rolling stock to the comprehensive maintenance of the equipment of the railway system.

We are responsible for the supply, installation and maintenance of the auxiliary and connected systems that lines 1 and 2, 2B of the subway have, such as ventilation
equipment, energy distribution/low voltage, communication systems, security systems, control systems and sale of transport tickets, Chronometry.